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Patient Help Desk Service’s For Healthcare Providers

In search of the top patient support desk in the United States? While you can concentrate more on your medical practice and patient care, let CRMBS handle all patient inquiries and concerns.

Patient Help Desk Service’s
Patient Help Desk Support

Create Seamless Patient Experiences

Patient Help Desk Support for Healthcare Providers

Care Reimbursement Medical Billing Solutions is a well-known provider of healthcare IT services, with the expertise to enhance the productivity of medical practices. Our offerings include excellent patient help desk support and medical billing services.

We excel in streamlining your patient help desk requirements, resulting in a more efficient revenue cycle and time savings. In addition, we simplify your patient care service processes, resulting in better workflows and lower operational expenses.

The time is upon us to ease the responsibilities associated with managing a large number of patients. Allow us to provide the aid of experienced individuals who are ready to build a plan precisely to your patient help desk needs.

Offering One-Stop Solution for Your Patient Help Desk

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Reminders & Confirmation

Appointment Reminders & Confirmation

Patient Queries & Payment Collection

Patient Queries & Payment Collection

Outsourcing your Patient Help Desk to CRMBS for Seamless Patient Experiences

Choose CRMBS for patient help desk services because we have adapted our offerings to your medical organization’s specific needs. Whether you need basic customer assistance or complex case management, our help desk services are tailored to meet your needs. Furthermore, our specialized support desk team is dedicated to providing patients with timely and exact responses to medical care-related concerns.

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Medical Billing for all Specialties

Our dedicated team has fair enough knowledge of billing codes of different specialties and keeps their knowledge up to date with the latest changes to avoid denials and ensure a smoother billing process for your patients & better revenue for your health care services.

We offer medical billing for the following specialties:

Behavioral Health Billing Services

Behavioral Health Billing

Cardiology Medical Billing

Gastroenterology Billing

Internal Medicine Billing

Pain Management Billing

Anesthesia Billing Services

Family Practice Billing

Pathology Billing Services

Urology Billing Services

General Surgery Billing

Dermatology Billing Services


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Patient Help Desk FAQ's

A patient help desk service is a central point of contact for patients to address any questions, concerns, or needs they may have. This can include appointment scheduling, bill inquiries, insurance verification, medication questions, and even general health information.

Patient help desks offer numerous benefits:
⦿ Improved patient experience:
Provides patients with easy access to support, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
⦿ Reduced workload for staff:
Frees up medical professionals to focus on patient care by handling administrative tasks.
⦿ Increased efficiency:
Streamlines communication and resolves issues quickly, improving overall practice productivity.
⦿ Enhanced compliance:
Ensures accurate communication of important information, helping meet HIPAA and other regulations.

⦿ Appointment scheduling: 
Booking, rescheduling, and canceling appointments.
⦿ Bill inquiries and payments: 
Addressing questions about bills, providing payment options, and facilitating payments.
⦿ Insurance verification:
 Confirming patient insurance coverage and eligibility.
⦿ Medication questions: 
Providing basic information about prescribed medications and side effects.
⦿ General health information: 
Directing patients to relevant resources and educational materials.

⦿ Hire and train experienced representatives: 
Staff with strong communication skills and healthcare knowledge.
⦿ Develop clear protocols and procedures: 
Streamline interactions and ensure consistent service.
⦿ Invest in technology: 
Utilize a robust help desk system for call tracking, knowledge base access, and reporting.
⦿ Monitor and measure performance: 
Track metrics like call resolution time and patient satisfaction to continuously improve.

⦿ The size and complexity of your practice will determine if a dedicated service is necessary.
⦿ Consider your current communication channels and patient volume before making a decision.