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Are you a healthcare provider who is facing continuous revenue leakage for your healthcare services? Well, managing Revenue Cycle Management Services in-house is burdening you, and your whole attention from providing quality healthcare services is shifted towards these tedious tasks. So you may see a decreased cash flow and could lose patient satisfaction as well.

You may require a constructive and flexible approach to tackle some of the major problems like claim denials, delayed reimbursements or incorrect coding. Besides this, you need to be compliant with the changing regulations of healthcare and have a well-coordinated flow in your back office functions like billing and coding.

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CRMBS, proudly stands as one of the top RCM companies, tailored to meet the diverse revenue cycle outsourcing needs of individual practices. Whether you seek unrivaled physician RCM services or comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals, we shine brighter than the rest.

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Care Reimbursement Medical Billing solutions provide top-notch revenue cycle management that aims to optimize your workflow and be economically viable throughout all aspects of your revenue cycle and accelerate profitability and slash administrative expenses.

As a trusted provider of comprehensive revenue cycle management services, we specialize in tailored RCM solutions that enhance practice revenue generation.

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Medical Billing for all Specialties

Our dedicated team has fair enough knowledge of billing codes of different specialties and keeps their knowledge up to date with the latest changes to avoid denials and ensure a smoother billing process for your patients & better revenue for your health care services.

We offer medical billing for the following specialties:

Behavioral Health Billing Services

Behavioral Health Billing

Cardiology Medical Billing

Gastroenterology Billing

Internal Medicine Billing

Pain Management Billing

Anesthesia Billing Services

Family Practice Billing

Pathology Billing Services

Urology Billing Services

General Surgery Billing

Dermatology Billing Services


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Let Care Reimbursement Medical Billing Solutions be your reliable partner for comprehensive RCM management services. We optimize your revenue cycle, improve financial performance and provide ongoing support. Our RCM experts work side by side with you to optimize your reimbursements.

Revenue Cycle Management Solution FAQ's

RCM is the process of managing all financial aspects of a patient’s care, from scheduling appointments to collecting payments. It encompasses various stages like patient registration, insurance verification, coding, claims submission, payment posting, and denial management.

⦿ Improved cash flow:
Get paid faster and reduce outstanding balances.
⦿ Reduced costs:
Minimize errors and streamline processes to cut expenses.
⦿ Enhanced patient satisfaction:
Offer a smooth billing experience and clear communication.
⦿ Increased efficiency:
Automate tasks and free up staff time for patient care.
⦿ Better compliance:
Ensure adherence to regulations and avoid penalties.

Any healthcare organization that bills for services, including:

⦿ Hospitals
⦿ Physician practices
⦿ Dental offices
⦿ Labs
⦿ Home health agencies

⦿ Manual processes leading to errors and delays.
⦿ Complexities in insurance billing and coding.
⦿ Difficulty collecting patient payments.
⦿ Staying compliant with changing regulations.
⦿ Specific RCM Process.

⦿ Patient registration:
Collecting accurate patient information and insurance details.
⦿ Insurance verification:
Confirming coverage and eligibility for services.
⦿ Coding:
Assigning accurate medical codes to procedures and diagnoses.
⦿ Claims submission:
Sending bills electronically to insurance companies.
⦿ Payment posting:
Recording incoming payments and managing denials/rejections.
⦿ Collections:
Following up on unpaid balances and resolving billing issues.

⦿ Utilize technology like RCM software for automation and efficiency.
⦿ Implement clear workflows and documentation for each stage.
⦿ Regularly train staff on billing and coding practices.
⦿ Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) like claim turnaround time and denial rates.
⦿ Proactively communicate with patients about their bills and payment options.